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For photography, I normally charge $100/hr and require a deposit to secure the date(s). Deposit amount depends on the scope of work and amount of days requested. Ideally, the day after a given event or shoot, all images are uploaded to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder, where the client is sent a link to choose all the images to be edited (if any). Please keep in mind, I shoot ultra high quality images using industry standard equipment including cameras and lenses capable of shooting approximately 12 images/sec. The images are available for download (as is) for 30 days.


If you (or your team) do not have time to sort through the images, there’s a $75/hr fee associated for image culling (process where photographers select the best images from their photo session). The anticipated cost for editing photos depends on the purpose of the edited images and the type of editing expected. I need to know what the images will be used for, i.e. website, social media, small or large print etc. (so I can edit them in the appropriate color space, and export in the necessary formats). Furthermore, the amount of time I need to edit the images depends on the type of editing in addition to how many images requested. On average, I can apply basic retouching to about 20 images in a workday. However, considering how complex commercial styled edits can get, and depending on the amount of images requested, it can take up to two weeks for the same 20 images. Retouching is where I’m tasked to enhance the subject(s) of the image in addition to eliminating any flaws or unwanted imperfections. The goal is to make the image perfect and more attractive to your viewers.   


For basic retouching I charge $25/image* which includes:


  • skin blemishes

  • color corrections (perfecting exposure and white balance/skin tones)

  • color changes (altering colors of objects for contrast)

  • color grading (to enhance the tonality of the picture i.e. vivid, bright, dark contrast etc.)

  • clothing wrinkle/stain removal


For retouching with complex editing/photo manipulation, I charge $100/image* minimum, which includes but not limited to:


  • object removal

  • logo/product placement

  • compositing

  • glare removal

  • background cleanup

  • background replacement

  • image upscaling etc.


NOTE: Source files are the files used for editing of the images. Source files are usually requested by clients who intend to use an image for something other than what was initially requested (from banners and billboard prints to large venue projection images etc.). Source file requests are an additional charge of $50/image. Source files come with RAW format images and a photo release form for commercial licensing.



*Discounts available for bulk order edits (>20 images)

General Photography Outline

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