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About Me?

Patrick Breton, known professionally as PatTheCreative, is a versatile freelance multimedia designer and content creator based in Boston, MA. With a passion for bringing imagination to life, Patrick has dedicated his career to transforming ideas into captivating visual experiences that engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impact. Graduating Summa cum laude from Fisher College with a bachelor's degree in Multimedia Communications and a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications, Patrick's expertise lies in creating cutting-edge designs that resonate with target audiences and elevate brand presence. His relentless pursuit of perfection, knack for conceptual thinking, and deep understanding of current trends make him a trusted partner for clients seeking innovative multimedia solutions. Prior to his freelance career, Patrick spent more than 5 years as a contractor with YouthBuild USA, traveling the country and helping disenfranchised youth find alternate pathways to success and post-secondary education. Drawing from this experience, he is committed to providing affordable rates to non-profits, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, offering high-quality multimedia designs comparable to industry leaders. Beyond his professional endeavors, Patrick indulges in his hobbies of photography, video production, and concept art. He is an avid fan of sci-fi movies and finds inspiration from audio books and podcasts. With over 10 years of experience using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects, as well as 3-5 years of proficiency in Procreate, Callipeg, and Blender, Patrick possesses the technical expertise to bring his clients' visions to life in the most captivating and innovative ways.

Why Choose me?


Comprehensive Services

As a multimedia designer, I'm able to offer a wide range of services to clients. This includes graphic design, web design, motion graphics, video productions, branding, and more. My clients are able rely on a single professional to handle all their design needs, saving them from the hassle of coordinating with multiple specialists.


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